Which Hot Tub?

Wooden hot tub barrel – how to choose the one.


Spruce – softwood, cheaper, darkens quicker
Larch – hardwood, has a beautiful colour and grain pattern, more resistant.

Size of wooden hot tub barrel

Rule of thumb:

small wooden hot tub with internal heater – less water, less space, shorter heating time
small wooden hot tub with external heater – less water, more space, shorter heating time
large wooden hot tub with internal heater – more water, more space, longer heating time
large wooden hot tub with external heater – more water, much more space, longer heating time

Internal or external wood-fired heater?

Wooden hot tub barrelInternal wood-fired heater: less space in the hot tub, smaller space needed to set up Hot Tub, shorter heating time, can be dangerous for small children because the heater is installed in the Hot Tub. More time is needed to clean the Hot Tub. Wooden hot tub barrel

External wood-fired heater: more space in the hot tub available, more space is needed to set up Hot Tub, longer heating time, more suitable for small children because the heater is installed outside of the tub, it takes less time to clean the Hot Tub.

Pure natural wooden Hot Tub or Hot Tub with an inner plastic bath barrel?

Wooden hot tub barrelThe advantage of Hot Tubs with intrinsic plastic bath barrels is that they are consistent, very easy to clean and that they need less maintainance. Wooden bath barrels with intrinsic plastic never leak. Very easy to clean and maintain. Recommended for commerical (hygienic). Is well suited for use in guesthouses, ski resorts, hotels etc where it is very important to clean the hot tub very often.

Pure natural wooden Hot Tubs are environment friendly and really beautiful. As the wood is a living material, pure natural wooden Hot Tubs may dry out and it could take up to 1-2 days after back filling until the Hot Tub is completely consistent again.

Wooden or tarpaulin cover

A cover reduces heating times especially during the winter period, keeps the water longer warm and avoids that any kind of dirt falls into the Hot Tub.

Wooden cover – very stable and easy to slide aside, however space for storage is needed.

Plastic sheet (tarpaulin) – is fixed by a strong rope, less space is needed for storage and small children cannot remove it easily. Very easy to clean.

Heat protection for chimney

Luxurious hot tub jacuzzi from SaunecoIs recommended in case that:

  • Little children are around
  • Bath barrel is used in a public place or is in commercial use
  • Chimney is located close to the roadside or a playground

Ladder or platform

Platform is recommended when the Hot Tub is used by:

  • Children
  • Elder people
  • Or for commercial use

Water drain pipe or wooden bathtub plug?

A drain pipe is recommended,

  • if you want to direct the water into a drain channel.
  • if you want to direct the water to a specific place, for example, into your garden for watering purposes.
  • if it is risky that someone may pull out the plug and empties the Hot Tub inadvertently.
  • Wooden bathtub plug is included in the hot tub price, comes at no extra charge

Foot bath

Footbath from SaunecoA foot bath is a benefit if:

  • A lot of  people use the Hot Tub and bring dirt into the Hot Tub when not washing their feet beforehand.
  • Children use the Hot Tub and go in and out with dirty feet
  • Hummus or other stuff is placed around the Hot Tub
  • You would like to walk barefoot and feel the ground beneath your feet before taking a bath.
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