Harvia Moderna Electric Sauna Heater V60E

The Harvia Moderna is the royalty of electric heaters.

Moderna heats your sauna quickly and in silence up to the bathing temperature. Designed to endure intense use.

In set with barrel saunas with electric heater.

    Harvia Moderna Electric Sauna Heater is in set with barrel saunas with electric heater.

    Harvia’s patented control electronics make it easy to heat your sauna in accordance with your preferences – to an accuracy of one degree. A separate electronic sensor keeps the sauna temperature even for the entire duration of bathing.

    The heating elements have been designed to endure intense use.

    Supply voltage 3-phase:

    • 400 V 3N
    • Connecting cable in²: 0.19×0.05
    • Fuse A: 3×10

    Supply voltage 1-phase:

    • 230 V 1N
    • Connecting cable in²: 0.11×0.15
    • Fuse A: 1×35



    Dimensions width in: 16.14
    Dimensions height in: 22.83
    Dimensions depth in: 12.2

    Output kW



    33 lbs

    Safety Distances

    Safety distance A to wall in: 1.57
    Safety distance B to front lower platform in: 1.18
    Safety distance C to upper platform in: 1.96
    Safety distance D to ceiling in: 43.3
    Safety distance E to floor in: 5.9

    Adjustable temperature min-max

    40–110 °C

    Stone Capacity

    max. 44 lbs


    Operating time h: 2–8
    Pre-setting time h: 0–18

    Sauna Room Dimesions

    Sauna room min. ft³: 16
    Sauna room max. ft³: 26
    Sauna room height min. ft: 6.2

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