Water care “Soft & Easy” (4 Sachets) For Hot Tub Water Maintenance

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Soft & Easy is a top-class innovation from BAYROL. Gentle to the skin, eyes and hair, and completely simple to handle. Chlorine-free but is compatible with chlorine.

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    Soft & Easy is a top-class innovation from BAYROL.

    Soft & Easy is a completely new intelligent care concept, based on active oxygen, which have benefits over traditional sanitizer methods. It makes sure of naturally super-clear water, it is perceptibly gentle to the skin, eyes and hair, and completely simple to handle.

    Soft & Easy is a granulate in a double bag. One double bag is sufficient for up to 20 m³ of pool water which means that it is also ideal for the smaller swimming pool.

    The larger chamber contains active oxygen: the smaller chamber contains active substances for preventing algae, providing a clarifyer effect and for pH buffering.

    Soft & Easy is chlorine-free but is compatible with chlorine – ie a shock chlorination can be performed at any time or temporarily, whilst chlorine can be used during longer absences (such as holidays).

    Soft & Easy is more intelligent than conventional oxygen products, and therefore offers a series of advantages, which are:

    • The water quality is noticeably agreeable. You bathe as in natural water.
    • No smell of chlorine.
    • Particularly kind to the skin.
    • No irritation of the skin and eyes.
    • The skin is not dried out, nor is the hair brittle after swimming.
    • Free of heavy metal, ie there is no risk that stains will form as a result of the product itself.

    Delivering time: 5 days



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    Delivering time: 5 days

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