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Woodburning Sauna Heater Stoveman XS-Y

 690.00 (All prices include VAT and exclude Shipping costs)

Ultimate sauna experience with Stoveman heater. The woodburning sauna heater STOVEMAN is designed for small and medium-sized saunas.

Sold in set with barrel saunas.

    Sold in set with barrel saunas.

    The black steel frame has a large amount of stones inside, and as they heat up, you get a fantastic sauna bath even at a lower temperature.

    The large number of stones ensures good heat, even if the fire dies down in between.

    The Stoveman heaters can be equipped with a water container. The heater is equipped with additional air channels. The six air ducts direct the air from the bottom upwards.

    The Stoveman heaters are CE marked and meet the requirements of EN 15821:2010.

    Materials of Woodburning Sauna Heater Stoveman XS-Y:

    • All accessories that come into contact with the flame are made of 5 mm thick sheet metal
    • The base is made of 3 mm thick sheet metal
    • The ash box is made of 2 mm thick sheet metal
    • Ash grate is made by hand and is made of 10 × 20 mm square steel
    Weight 52-53 kg
    Dimensions 55 × 45 × 70 cm

    Stoveman XS-Y


    • Sauna room: 6-13 m³
    • Weight: 52-53 kg
    • Stone capacity: approx 90-110 kg
    • Maximum length of firewood: 30 cm
    • Diameter of smoke outlet: 115 mm
    • Width: 450 mm round
    • Depth: 550 mm round
    • Total height: 700 mm
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