Paddle for Wooden Hot Tub Water Stirring

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Stir the water with a paddle to mix the stratified temperature.

Delivery across the UK & Europe.

    Paddle for Wooden Hot Tub is for stirring the water to mix it to stratified temperature. Made from glulam.

    The water circulates between the stove and the hot tub using the principal of thermosiphon (the movement created by rising hot water). The principle of the thermosyphon system is that cold water has a higher specific density than warm water, and so being heavier will sink down. Paddle will help to speed up this process.

    Weight: ca 1,3 kg
    Total length: ↔ ca 150 cm.

    Delivering time: 4 days

    Weight 1.3 kg
    Dimensions 150 cm




    Shipping Info

    Delivering time: 4 days

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    Germany 14.90 €
    Austria 26.90 €
    France 26.90 €
    Italy 26.90 €
    United Kingdom    26.90 €
    Switzerland 39.90 € (product price + shipping costs include transport, customs fees and CH-VAT.)

    Delivery to other countries: on request.

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