Family Larch Wood Spa Hot Tub (Ø 1.7m) For 4 + Internal Wood-fired Furnace

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 3,450.00 (All prices include VAT and exclude Shipping costs)

Large hot tub for up to 4 people. Made of high quality larch wood and equipped with a sea water resistant external furnace 30kW made of aluminum.

Supplied fully assembled. Delivery across the UK & Europe.

    Preferred Size Among Our Customers!

    Larch wood hot tub for up to 4 people. A round wooden hot tub made of high quality larch wood. Equipped with sea water resistant internal furnace 30kW made of aluminum. Internal furnace is a bit more efficient compared to the external furnace.

    Ready to use (supplied fully assembled)

    The large wooden hot tub can be placed exactly where you need to and can be easily relocated, requires little room. Hot Tub is supplied fully assembled and is ready for immediate use.

    How hot tub works?

    The hot tub is heated with wood and doesn’t consume electricity.

    Water in the barrel circulates under the impact of gravity. Depending on the weather and the size of the barrel it takes around 2-4 hours to heat the water to 38 degrees. It feels good to submerge into cool water under the hot sun in summer, while in winter it is a real pleasure to enjoy hot water.

    Height: ↑ 1.09 meters. Diameter: Ø 1.7 meters. Depth: ↓ 93 cm.

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    Complete Set of Larch Wood Hot Tub Includes:

    • Wooden hot tub with a diameter of 1.7 m
    • Seawater resistant aluminium stove “Ignis-S30″ with a chimney of 2 meters
    • Ready-made benches
    • Partition wall
    • Two-step ladder
    • Wooden bathtub plug
    • 3-year warranty

    Delivering time: 5 days

    Sauneco wooden hot tubs

    Why Choose Wood Burning Hot Tub?

    Why not do it in the garden at the time and in the company of your choosing?

    Buy the wooden hot tub and enjoy unique moments in the open air and in a company with your closest people in any weather and all year round.

    The wooden hot tub is designed to be used by people of any age and at any time. As you relax in the wooden hot tub you will forget all your everyday troubles and will truly refresh your soul.

    The barrel has benches inside that let one enjoy his or her time with more comfort. Serving board can also be placed on the barrel’s edge, so that all the food and drinks are within a hand’s reach.

    Wooden Hot Tub Bath Barrel from Sauneco

    We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell – more about how we ensure top quality.

    Our Wood-fired hot tubs are made of high quality dried wood only (spruce, larch or thermo). This ensures that the water is absorbed by the wood, that the wood swells and the wooden hot tub remains 100% water-tight. Side and floor boards are chosen very carefully and they have no through knotholes or cracks.

    All the furnaces that we use in our wooden hot tubs are made of high quality marine aluminum. The advantage of the aluminum furnace is that it has better thermal conductivity, which saves you both time and heating material.

    The material is 3 mm thick, which is two times more than in case of regular furnaces made of stainless steel. And of course, aluminum furnace is 30% lighter. Aluminum furnaces have longer useful life than furnaces made of stainless steel.

    The aluminium heaters retain their shape for a long time. Heaters made from thin stainless steel may become crooked. High-quality MIG welding ensures the perfect end result. We check and test impermeability of all welded seams.


    We provide a 3-year warranty on all our saunas and hot tubs.

    We are stable and secure and you can be confident that we’ll be here when you need us. Our products are manufactured under the highest quality standards. Starting from incoming control up to the final inspection stage.

    Weight 195 kg
    Dimensions 93 × 177 × 109 cm



    Massive Wood, Siberian larch


    30 kW internal heater "Ignis-S30"


    Fully assembled

    Volume ca

    1600 Liter


    93 cm

    Base thickness

    3.0 cm

    Wall thickness

    4.3 cm

    Outer diameter

    177 cm

    Base / Feet

    Impregnated with wood oil, Weatherproof

    Edge board



    2 pcs, adjustable



    Bench height

    22.5 cm

    External treatment

    Impregnated with wood oil against mould

    Shipping Info

    Delivering time: 5 days

    Shipping Costs for Larch Wood Hot Tub

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    Self pick-up 0 €
    Germany 200 €
    Austria 240 €
    France 340 €
    Italy 340 €
    United Kingdom    340 €
    Switzerland 280 € (product price + shipping costs include transport, customs fees and CH-VAT.)

    Delivery to other countries: on request.

    Hot tub benefits

    Who wouldn’t love to relax in a large bathtub that has room for 4 or more people?
    Why not do it in the garden at the time and in the company of your choosing?

    Buy the wooden hot tub and enjoy unique moments in the open air and in a company with your closest people in any weather and all year round. The wooden barrel sauna is designed to be used by people of any age and at any time.

    Many of us can’t hear birdsongs or see the stars in the sky while taking a bath in the bathtub, but comfortable bathing barrels make it a reality.

    Therapeutic effect

    Bathing in hot water is widespread all over the world. Natural hot water springs can be found in many parts of our planet in seismically active regions – in Iceland, Japan, New Zealand, as well as in Central European countries – Hungary and Slovakia. But not everybody has an opportunity to bathe in natural hot water springs, let alone having an own hot water spring. That’s why the wooden hot tub was invented.

    In order to increase the pleasure one can add a couple of drops of ethereal oils to the bathing water (grapefruit, juniper or fennel, which improve metabolism and lymph circulation). Herbal medicine is good for your body, mind and feelings.

    After hot tub you will feel reborn, the spirit will feel fresh and the body rested.

    Made of natural wood

    Birch Whisks from SaunecoThe most environmentally friendly and economical building material.

    Wood is the only truly renewable natural resource that has a number of functional properties – a naturally warm and beautiful appearance and good price, which can’t be achieved with use of artificial alternatives.

    Proper impregnation of wood using modern wood treatment means and technologies increases durability and properties of wood, as well as demand for it.

    Production is economical

    Sustainable production and consumption mean that provision of services and products, as well as their consumption, don’t harm the natural environment and society. This is the key to sustainable way of life.

    This means the choice of a lifestyle that protects and preserves natural resources and helps to maintain people’s good health and well-being all over the world.

    Some might feel that is sounds a bit idealistic, but we should stick to this idea if we want to turn the world to the right rut. It is a mistake to think that sustainability only requires reducing consumption. Instead, it rather means more efficient consumption and, at the same time, better quality of life.

    So that first and foremost we could satisfy our primary needs and at the same time feel confident that the products we use contain no toxic agents and that natural resources are not wasted during production.

    Wood is environmentally friendly

    TSauneco Saunas and Hot Tubshe use of wood as material and fuel was one of the earliest ways to use plants. Wood is a renewable raw material that offers very diverse ways of use and it still belongs to one of the most important groups of products obtained from plants.

    Environmentally friendly (sustainable) consumption means high level of awareness of people (citizens, private and public sectors) that make conscious choices in favor of the products that have as little environmental impact as possible, since they offer environmentally-friendly technologies, longer useful life, rehashing, better options for repeated use and upgrading, or options to be used by several people.


    The hot tub can be easily relocated on an even and durable surface.

    You don´t need for a building permit when you buy our hot tub, and its location on your land or in the garden can be chosen by you personally. Also you don´t need for a foundation or any other bulky preparations.

    Larch Wood

    Siberian larch wood from SaunecoLarch is a wood valued for its tough, waterproof and durable qualities. Larch is a highly ecological, people-friendly and warm building material.
    Siberian larch becomes more and more requested due to environmental aspects. Because of its density and richness of the tar and resin Siberian larch is very durable material for outdoor use, even without additional finishing.

    Siberian Larch is a strong and dense timber. Thanks to its high gum content, Larch can be used in its natural form. The timber is naturally very durable and requires no harmful chemicals to preserve it.

    Larch is a perfect alternative to impregnated wood for outdoor use.

    Larch is also one of the best solutions when there are strict requirements regarding formaldehydes, as in products designed for children, for example wooden playground equipment.

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    2 reviews for Family Larch Wood Spa Hot Tub (Ø 1.7m) For 4 + Internal Wood-fired Furnace

    1. Steve, Tuscany, Italy

      We love our new hot tub. Purchase and delivery were excellent, very prompt with no problems. The last couple of km to our house are ‘off-road’, so the ‘barrel’ construction was much easier to manage without machinery…..a few volunteers from our neighbours were all that we needed.

      We have lots of wood, but electricity is expensive, so a wood fired tub is a great option.The internal heater is amazing, heats the 1.7m diameter tub from cold (very cold…our spring water is always at 10C ) in about 90 minutes….the first time we actually underestimated the heater and the water was too hot!

      We use the tub at any time of the day, but our favourite is at night when we can lay back and watch the stars…in silence. No noisy pumps in our tub, just the sound of owls and deer in the forest around our house.



    2. Stefano Toscani, Albareto (PR) Italia

      The hot tub is here, I’ve just finished to check all the components and everything is OK. First of all I’d like to thank you and Sauneco for the professionalism, support and a great, quick service.

      Stefano Toscani
      Albareto (PR)

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